Site Selection and Evaluation for Companies
Companies facing the decision if and where to establish another site require answers to the following typical questions:

Can my present site accommodate the company's medium term requirements in terms of new R&D, expanded production, group management activities?
Does a new location offer significant advantages in customer reach, financial performance, qualified staff, or flexible labor laws?
Which part of a company's operation would benefit most from a different location?
Which locations should be considered as new sites?
What is the business proposition behind a move to a new location?

GenevaServicesGroup will offer answers to the above questions and provide site comparison and evaluation analyses across Europe. GenevaServicesGroup will also assist companies in developing an initial business plan for the new location, as well as introduce the company to the regional promotion offices, local legal and financial institutions.

Site Evaluation and Promotion for Communities
Many communities find themselves in competition with communities or are striving to improve the attractiveness for their business community, for tourism or for their citizens.

GenevaServicesGroup will evaluate the community's standing against any given parameters provided by the client (e.g. transport and telecommunications infrastructure, density of service, public transport etc.) and generate recommendations. GenevaServicesGroup will also assist communities and regions in optimizing their promotion activities and their interaction with the market (e.g. Internet presence).

For both of the above support activities, an industry proven decision support SW is used to model the requirements of the client. The model's flexibility can accommodate any decision complexity and level of detail required.